About the Mississippi Lodge of Research DCXL

The Mississippi Lodge of Research DCXL (DCXL is Roman numerals for 640) was realized when three Master Masons petitioned the Grand Master of Masons in Mississippi in 2009, the Most Worshipful William R. Robinson, for a dispensation to form a new Lodge. Unfamiliar with the concept of Research Lodges, the Grand Master soon discovered the immense value such a Lodge would be to Mississippi and wholeheartedly granted the dispensation on August 27, 2009. The three Brethren, who would become the three principal officers of the Mississippi Lodge of Research U.D. were:

  • Christopher M. Reid of John P. Byrd No. 629 in Pearl, Mississippi
  • Edgar A. Gonzales-Loo of Jose Galvez Egusquiza No. 75 in Ilo, Peru
  • James S. Goode of Bolton No. 326 in Bolton, Mississippi

The Lodge was given permission to meet in the Hall of Pearl No. 23, located on the third floor of City Hall in Jackson, Mississippi and it met there continously until a Charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, F. & A.M. at its Annual Communication on February 9, 2010. At that same Communication, the Grand Lodge ratified an amendment to its Statutes to permit the Mississippi Lodge of Research to not only move its Stated Communication frequency to a quarterly basis, but also to allow the Lodge to assemble anywhere within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi.